Saturday, October 30, 2010

++ kawanku ++

qis :)

izzati :)

tasha :)
halina..rindu ko ! dtg la sg.buloh lg..

sufina balqis :)
anie n ika

ika ! rindu ko ! :)

nazmi :)

eizaz :)

una :)

sume membe2 aku,,.
aku sayang korang !
:) :) :)

++ best friend ++

I thought she was my bestie,.
the best one i ever had..
instead i found out the truth,.
and what i learn was sad,.
we still call each other friends..
but i feel we're far apart,.
though we see each other everyday,.
i have a broken heart,.
she has made new friends,.
i have made some,too,.
we are talking less and less,.
and inside i'm cold and blue..
each and every night i pray,.
that she will finally see,.
how much i want our friendswhip back,.
and how much she means to me,.

Friday, October 29, 2010

++ pergi ++

pergi lah sayangku,.
pergi tinggalkan aku,.
biar aku sendiri,.
melayani malam sepi..

pergi lah sayang,.
jauhkan dirimu,.
biarkan lah aku rasai segalanya,.
asalkan kau bahagia sentiasa.. 
:) :) :)

++ meaning of roses ++

*2 stalks of roses = just you and me
*3 stalks of roses = i love you
*5 stalks of roses = i love you so much
*6 stalks of roses = just for you
*11 stalks of roses = you are my only one
*24 stalks of roses =loving you every minute
*100 stalks of roses = love you enternally

> white roses = purity,sincerity
> orange roses = strong love
> pink roses = tender love,caring
> red roses = true love
> yellow roses = goodbye,jealousy,rejected love
> peach roses = thinking of you day and night
> amber orange roses = deeply in love with you
> sweetheart roses = undying love

Thursday, October 28, 2010

++ true treasure ++

true treasure is not found in pirate ships,.
in chests of silver and gold,.
true treasure isn't ruby rings and jewels from long ago,.
you don't need to use treasure map,.
and find chests beneath the sea..
the true treasure is simply the TRUE LOVE..

++ L.O.V.E ++

some people come into our lives,
and are quickly gone,
some stay for awhile,
and leave footprint on our heart,
and we're never ever the same,
we are changed forever,
for we truly understand LOVE...